2015 – 2017: is a cross-media project that was started by David Gross in September 2015. It is Europe’s first internet broadcasting channel run by refugees. provides a platform for filmmakers and journalists who come to Europe as refugees. Often they have been forced out of their home countries as a result of their critical reporting. Films and reports are produced in cooperation with a German-Austrian film crew. offers film workshops for young refugees, runs temporary TV studios in refugee shelters and takes part in art festivals with the support band. The multicultural team led by David Gross includes media representatives from 10 countries. website

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2012 – 2017: Wastecooking

Webseries, performances, initiatives and exhibitions

This consumerism-critical cooking show is a transmedia-project. It uses multiple forms of media to raise awareness of the issue of food waste and demonstrate creative solutions to the problem.

Wastecooking can be experienced first-hand at art festivals, as part of exhibitions and through performances. David Gross brought Wastecooking to life on May 1, 2012. He acts as author, dumpster diver and cooking activist. Wastecooking began with an underground webseries, political dumpster diving tours and actionist cooking events. The project became popular with a larger audience through a TV series and cinematic film.

The Wastecooking cinematic documentary won awards at film festivals in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. In January 2017 the film will premiere in Japan. David Gross will be taking a two-week trip to Japan to present the film and participate in consumerism-critical cooking events.



Days in Trash – Clip

Free Supermarket

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