2020: Mit Abstand nah dran „Groß im Alltag“

TV documentary, 2 parts, 48 minutes each

Servus TV

Filmmaker David Groß can’t let it go. Despite distance rules, he wants to be close, to the Corona everyday life of the Austrians. In two entertaining episodes, he travels across Austria and portrays people who have found themselves in extraordinary life situations as a result of the pandemic. A summer journey of intimacy, despite distance.

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2018 – 2019: Mr. Big and small ads

TV series, 2 seasons, Servus TV.

Austrian documentary filmmaker David Groß goes on a journey of discovery.

He drives across Austria in his blue van and visits idiosyncratic people who have posted curious and exciting classified ads.

Written/Co-directed/Presented by: David Groß

Director/Producer: Chris Weisz

Camera: Daniel Samer and others



2014 – 2017: Wastecooking TV

Wastecooking is a transmedia project launched on May 1, 2012 by David Gross. This consumerism-critical cooking show was also adapted for TV. In two seasons, David Gross travels with his waste kitchen and waste-mobile through 10 European countries.

Season one: Filmed in summer 2014, broadcast in spring 2015 (ARTE, ORF)

Season two: Filmed in summer 2016, broadcast in spring 2017 (ARTE, ORF)


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The full-length feature film of the Wastecooking European tour was first broadcast on ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) in June 2015. The culinary road trip movie received 2015’s second-highest TV ratings in the documentary broadcasting slot.

Wastecooking TV documentary clip


2012: Nepalesische Hüttenwirte

AUT 2102, 45 min, Servus TV

Part two of visual field research in the Austrian Alps. Sherpas train to become alpine innkeepers in Tyrol.

2010: Die Hirschrufer

Part one of visual field research in the Austrian Alps featuring hunters who imitate the rutting of the deer in Salzburg and participate in the European Stag Calling Championships.

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2005 – 2011: Gross am Land

In 2005 David Gross filmed the first of 260 episodes of Gross am Land. This series quickly achieved cult status on the TV station Salzburg TV and continues to be shown on its successor station Servus TV. Gross am Land is an early form of slow TV: slowed-down opportunistic journalism rather than breathless sensationalized reporting.

Episodes and info:

Double episodes of Gross am Land are shown Saturdays at 6:40 pm on Servus TV.



Jägerstammtisch (Hunters‘ Meeting), 2011


Sautrottel Episode, 2006


Argument on the Autobahn, 2007