David Gross

Made in India. Born in Austria. Living in Japan.

grossartig” is not merely a play on words – it can be translated as “excellent” or “magnificent” – because let’s face it, what could be a better name for a website belonging to someone named Gross who creates art?

David Gross is a Filmmaker, TV journalist and artivist (artist + activist).

In 2020, his new cinema documentary Mottainai Kitchen premiered in Japan. The film has since been shown in numerous Japanese cinemas and at international film festivals.

In January 2017, the official cinema premiere of his Wastecooking documentary took place in Tokyo. The second season of Wastecooking-Europareise, an Arte/SWR/ORF co-production, was shown on TV in spring 2017.

David Gross’s artivism project refugee.tv was brought to life in the fall of 2016. refugee.tv is the first TV show in Europe run by refugees.

Since 2003, David has been making experimental documentaries that can be seen in cinemas and at festivals. Some of his best-known productions include Holy Waters (2011), Pharao Bipolar (2008), Reisen im eigenen Zimmer (2006), and Stellvertretend in den Tod (2003).

In 2006 David Gross began his career as a TV presenter. His successful series Gross am Land spanned 260 episodes and ran on TV for six years. As part of his Wastecooking transmedia project David appears as a TV presenter, dumpster diver and cooking activist.

He has been awarded numerous prizes for his artistic works. Most recently his Wastecooking documentary won four international awards including the NaturVision 2016 German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award.

David Gross was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria. He completed culinary training before studying theater in Vienna and journalism in Krems.

David is the proud father of a wonderful daughter.

David Groß has been married to Japanese activist Aiko Groß-Kakehashi since 2018. The two live half the year on the island of Kyushu (southern Japan).